Our Attorney on NTD News… “How a Lone Lawyer Stopped Forced Quarantine Camps in New York – for Now”

How a Lone Lawyer Stopped Forced Quarantine Camps in New York—for Now

The Nation Speaks                  

The Nation Speaks                                                     Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

Cindy Drukier

If you think America would never have forced quarantine camps, think again. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issued a directive to do just that, until attorney Bobbie Anne Cox got in the way. Cox said it was a David against Goliath battle, but she recruited allies and won the lawsuit. However, the battle might not be over yet, as Cox explains.

Then, in America Q&A, we ask people across the country if they would support the use of forced quarantine camps in the United States.

Finally, in our second America Q&A, we find out if people are concerned that the IRS was given $80 billion to hire more agents, potentially doubling its current workforce, including more armed agents.

Click HERE to watch the interview.

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