Constitutional Education: New York Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox Says it is Imperative

How important is it that we, as citizens, comprehend what a constitutional government is, since it is what governs our country and people? Bobbie Anne Cox says it is vitally important and for good reasons. Ms. Cox knows how fragile we the people are when we do not know our rights in the way we are governed, especially today.

Ms. Cox is an attorney who put aside her own individual interests to fight for the good people of New York State. And won. She essentially stopped a piece of unconstitutional garbage that has no place in a free society governed by a constitution in a constitutional republic. The fact that the garbage idea came from the Governor of New York State is exactly why Ms. Cox says we need to teach the constitution and the rights given thereof in all schools to all children. The abuse of government overreach is natural in government, and it is the people’s responsibility to take control over the government when they do overstep their duty. The constitutional government is built for the people and is perverted when it reverses its mandate and tries to rule the people outside of its limitations. The limitations of government are there for the exact reason – for the people to be able to resist this natural aspect of government.

Why is it natural that government wants to extend its powers beyond its legality? As John C Calhoun argued in A Disquisition on Government, the relationship of government to the people is the same as relationship of the individual to society. In other words, the individual will always have self-interest above collective society interest, which is exactly why government is necessary for all peoples who aim to create a society of order. Government, in a strict, limited form, is created to prevent the individual from aggressing on other people and another’s property and to defend its territory and people. However, the government is comprised of these very same divine humans who are self-interested, states Calhoun. Therefore, it is imperative that government is governed by principles that will prohibit these human officials from abusing their power and overreaching into individual personal lives. This, Calhoun argues, is the need for a constitution and a constitutional government as opposed to absolute government. The constitution is the principled resistance to this natural abuse that comes from imperfect human beings.

If the populace of our country were more educated on their individual constitutional rights, the resistance to lockdowns would have gone very differently. How many people even today know that court cases ruled many a Governor orders unconstitutional? That the Michigan Supreme Court also ruled orders from Governor Whitmer were unconstitutional, just like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? Had the people understood their rights, lockdowns could have, and most likely would have been resisted and prevented. The damage of the lockdowns, which will be unraveling for years to come, would be a moot point. Instead, we dealt our economy a huge blow when our economy is already extremely fragile because of unconscionable debt while being over leveraged in a way that any number of economic aspects could topple the whole if failure occurs.  Instead, we have children who are terribly under-performing academically due to the tragedy of closing schools and the failure of Zoom learning. Instead, we have a tsunami of health problems and deaths due to postponement of normal medical activities because lockdowns also closed unessential hospital activities, health screenings, and necessary surgeries. Instead, we lost the backbone of the American economy and its most precious work asset – small business. Over 100,000 small businesses were forced to close their doors forever because of the overreach that shut down the livelihoods of important small business owners and entrepreneurs. Most tragically Black owned businesses were hit extremely hard. That sector of society already faces extreme difficulty due to many societal factors like racism and more – now they are worse off. Instead, we got people ordered into homes who were already sick and infected and who involuntarily infected others due to an insane and inhumane order. Instead, we got deaths that did not need to occur, due to these orders and the protocols that stipulated early intervention of ventilators. Moreover, the horrible circumstances where children could not see their parents sick in the hospital and worse yet, unable to be at their funeral or even have a funeral. The instead(s) are many and I could list more. Save to say that had the people stepped up and defended their natural rights granted in the constitution, a whole other story would be told and it would be a story of voluntary help of neighbor to neighbor, communities doing what is best for their own people without a one-size-fits-all order from the government, and outcomes that would not include the tyrannical injustices of the kinds of garbage that New York State was ready to institute.

Attorney Michael P Senger sums it up succinctly, “The response to Covid led to the sharpest economic collapse since the Great Depression, global famine, a mental health crisis, runaway inflation, a transfer of over $3 trillion from the world’s poorest to the very richest, the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of young people, and the worst education crisis since the Second World War”.

Our constitution may be outdated as some claim. It may be imperfect, as all human made things are. But it is arguably the best constitution of any government on earth at any time. If we cultivate the education of our children regarding constitutional principles and teach them the history of the founding of this country based on the resistance to the overreach of the British empire government, we will do our country a great favor. Isn’t it remarkable that a tea tax, a mere tea tax, set the newly formed colonies into a tizzy that would fuel the American revolution? If our children are educated to the utmost imperative notion that government must have built in paths of resistance to abuse, then perhaps the future would be brighter, as these educated persons would then be able to have intellectual debates and come to agreements about how to bring the constitution up to date and more relevant to the early 21st century, if deemed necessary.

I believe this development is occurring already. More and more Americans have lost faith in many of our institutions in the past twenty years or so, and are questioning at new rates of intercourse, and are coming to new conclusions. Particularly about what the government actually did during its reactions to a pandemic of a seasonal respiratory virus that proved to have almost no lethality in people under sixty years old.

Bobby Ann Cox (pictured below) did a great service for this country and is now espousing a very important message. Thanks to her from all of us. May we take heed.

In her own words Ms. Cox states, “I think if people understood what their rights are, they would say, ‘Hold on a second, you can’t do that,’” she said. “In the history of mankind, no government has ever taken power from the people, and then just voluntarily given it back.

“The people have to demand it back. The people won’t demand it back unless they know that they have the right to that power. So I think there needs to be an education process in the United States so that people understand, ‘Oh, these are my rights.’”

Attorney Bobbie Ann Cox
Attorney Bobbie Ann Cox

Peace, Love, & Miracles,

Mark Ruhala

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