NY Take Action: Tell your legislators how you feel about these bills!

New Yorkers!  Take action by contacting your legislators about these dangerous bills that threaten (or extinguish) your parental and other rights, (and you can also show support for the good bills at the same time).  If you don’t speak up now, they will never know how you feel and how you want them to vote on your behalf!

There are some really dangerous bills in the legislature right now. 

There are some good ones too, though.

See the lists below…

Sneaky, despicable law:

 S9617/A10730. This bill passed and gave the legislators a 30% pay raise, whereby raising their part-time salary to $142,000 per year and makes them all career politicians dependent on your tax dollars to sustain them.  Read our attorney’s article about this bill HERE.

Dangerous bills:

A9963 (Gottfried-D) Allows minors of ANY age to be given ANY medical procedure, including surgery, without parental knowledge or consent, and even over the parent’s objections!  Read what Attorney Cox has to say about this bill HERE.

A6616 (Nolan-D)/S2584A (Brouk-D) Requires comprehensive sexuality instruction for students in grades K-12 which includes a model curriculum for comprehensive sexuality education and at a minimum conforms to the content and scope of national sexuality education standards. See our attorney’s article about it HERE

A8378 (Dinowitz-D), Mandatory Covid shots for all K-12 students in New York State.

S75a (Hoylman-D)/ A279a (Gottfried-D) Requires that all adult vaccine records must be given to the state

A8398, (Dinowitz-D), Eliminates the ability to obtain a religious exemption from vaccine mandates for work and school

S6541a (Rivera-D)/A7326a (Gottfried-D), Creates an “immunization passport,” pretends to protect the privacy of vaccination records in the State database by denying access to federal immigration enforcement authorities.

S6495 (Hoylman-D)/ A7829 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory Covid-19 shots for college students

S45(Hoylman -D)/ A2240 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory flu shots for all K-12 students in New York State.

S937 Krueger-D)/ A822 (Paulin-D) Allows giving drugs and vaccines for STDs to children of without parental knowledge or consent. No statutory lower age limit.

S3041 (Krueger-D)/A3192 (Fahy-D) Allows children aged 14-years and up, to get any vaccine without parental consent

S1653 (Skoufis-D)/A2255 (Dinowitz-D) Requires tracking of all medical exemptions by the State

A7139 (Zebrowski-D) Requires medical exemptions to be approved by the NYSDOH

S4512a/A7581 (Kaplan-D/Fahy-D) Requires social media networks to provide mechanisms and policies for reporting vaccine “misinformation” on their platform.

A8870 (Rosenthal, L.-D), Requires vaccine industry propaganda to be required as part of middle school and high school instruction.

Encourage your legislators to support these good bills:

Bills prohibiting COVID mandates

A04269 (Salka)/S4376 (Oberacker), Prohibits a mandatory immunization against the coronavirus

A04602 (DiPietro)/NSA, Relates to prohibiting mandatory immunization against the coronavirus

S06747 (Lanza)/NSA, Prohibits a mandatory immunization against the novel coronavirus/COVID-19

S07322, (Lanza)/NSA, Relates to prohibiting mandatory immunization against the coronavirus

A07100 (DiPietro)/NSA, Relates to prohibiting mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and enacts a vaccine bill of rights

Bills restoring religious exemptions

A5277 (DiPietro)/S3659 (Ortt), Relates to exempting private and parochial schools and day care centers from immunization requirements

S2677 (Gallivan)/ A9913 (DiPietro), Relates to a religious exemption from vaccination requirements.

Right to sue the state:

A7042 (DiPietro)/S5157 (Lanza), Establishes strict liability for injuries caused by required immunizations 


A4767 (DiPietro)/NSA, Allows persons in parental relation to a child to choose to immunize such child; repealer

A5236 (DiPietro)/NSA, Requires health care providers and practitioners to provide patients with a list of ingredients contained in vaccines

Find your Senator Here           Find your Assemblyman Here

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