We NEED Your HELP! Help Us Stop Hochul’s Quarantine Camps!

Now more than ever WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our quarantine lawsuit battle is huge, and we cannot do it alone!

It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE OF NY to get loud and take action to prevent the Governor and DOH from reissuing rule 2.13!
Below is a list of ways you can help stop this dystopian regulation: 

*First, make sure you are informed on the lawsuit by signing up for Attorney Cox’s Substack HERE(There are free and paid subscription options. When you sign up for a paid subscription (less than $7.00 a month) you are supporting our attorney who has been working hard pro bono on this case for two years.)

  • Firing Back is her latest Substack article. Read it first because it will help you understand what you need to know and do.
  • Share Attorney Cox’s Substacks with friends, family and on social media.

*Follow & share everything Uniting NYS and Attorney Cox post on Twitter, Instagram, Gettr and Telegram. Get others to do the same.

  • Uniting NYS’ social media pages are listed at the end of this newsletter.
  • Attorney Cox’s Twitter page is HERE, Instagram is HERE and Gettr HERE.

*Contact your State Senator and State Assembly Member 

  • Tell them you’d like them to publicly speak out against this ruling and against this terrible quarantine regulation.
  • Send them Uniting NYS’ webpage about the lawsuit, or share Attorney Cox’s website Media page so they can get all the details about the reg and our case, HERE.
  • Include Senator George Borrello’s (lead plaintiff) letter to Governor Hochul encouraging her to stand down and not re-issue this highly unconstitutional regulation. Read Senator Borrello’s letter HERE.
  • Share this information with your local representatives too.
  • Please send a blind copy of your emails that you send to the legislators to Uniting NYS email address: (Bcc: info@unitingnys.com)
  • Also, send ​​​​​​any letters/emails that you receive in response to your letter to info@unitingnys.com   ***We are keeping a record of Senators & Assembly Members responses to the quarantine lawsuit and reg 2.13. ***

*Contact Governor Hochul and express your disappointment over this regulation, and urge her not to re-issue the reg. You can call her too:1-518-474-8390

*Raise awareness by writing an article, an op-ed, a blog, social media posts, etc. about this crucial issue.

*Plan a rally at your legislators’ office.

  • This is a great way to educate the public on the quarantine lawsuit and reg 2.13, and get legislators to take a position on the issue.
  • Read about the rallies that took place on November 30th HERE.

*Lastly, consider making a donation to our attorney, Bobbie Anne Cox. Attorney Cox has been working on this lawsuit pro bono (which means she doesn’t get paid for her work) for two years now. Let’s show her how much we appreciate her by sending a donation today.



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