Stop Quarantine Camps ~ Get a Resolution Passed Against Regulation 2.13

HATS off to the legislators in Freedom and Williamsville!!!

Protect your town, city, or county from enforcing quarantine camps. Get your legislators to pass a resolution against the 10 NYCRR 2.13 Isolation and Quarantine Procedures (quarantine camps). Below are two examples of Western New York towns who did just that!  The first resolution is from the town of Freedom and the second one is from Williamsville. (Make sure to scroll all the way down) 

Share both of them with your legislators and push them to do the same. You can also download a hard copy to share.


Town of Freedom’s Resolution against Reg. 2.13


Download a hard copy of Freedom’s resolution (on pages 1-3): 

DZomXkay2jWFfXZw_Regular Board Meeting Minutes-December 18, 2023



Town of Williamsville’s Resolution Opposing Regulation 2.13:


Download a hard copy of Williamsville’s resolution here: Isolation Quarantine Resolution (4)


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