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Only with the dedication of passionate and motivated individuals do we achieve results. Progress relies on the hard work and contributions from many volunteers and freedom fighters. We need your help! Join one of our Action Groups today and be apart of the change.

Flipping 11 Senate Seats Group

Since we cannot fix what has happened with past elections, we are focusing on future elections. We are partnering with like-minded politicians at the local and State level to end one-party rule by flipping the NYS Senate from Democrat controlled to Republican controlled. This group will be involved with voter registration drives, "Get Out the Vote" campaigns, outreach to young voters, gun owners, religious and community groups who do not vote, and to those voters who are fed up with the Democrat policies and attacks on our freedoms. Read more about flipping the Senate HERE.

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Legislative Action Group

These volunteers watch bills that the legislators are aggressively trying to pass during the legislative session. If there is a bill of concern, you alert us and together we will work on a "call to action" to try to stop the billfrom passing. Some responsibilities can include calling, emailing, writing letters, setting up meetings, and speaking on behalf of our group to influence our NYS Assembly members and State Senators with regards to proposed or existing legislation that we oppose, or support.

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Public Outreach & Media Group

We need to spread the word about Uniting NYS and the work our attorney, Bobbie Anne Cox is doing to stop government overreach. To do that, we need to be in the public eye as much as possible! This involves finding news sources like podcasts, radio stations, newspapers and any other media who would be willing to alert the public about the quarantine lawsuit, and interview Attorney Cox. It is so important that we get information out to the general public so they are educated on government overreach and can help us stop it!

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Fundraising Action Group

All of the vital work we are doing to return the power to We The People, takes not just time, but money too. We have educational outreach costs, marketing material costs, operational costs, merchandise costs, professional fees, etc. It is important that we raise funds to operate. If you are good at planning events, coming up with creative fundraising ideas or encouraging people to help donate, this is the volunteer group for you!

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Social Media Group

There is strength in numbers. What better way to grow our numbers than with social media platforms?! These volunteers are busy posting about our group on various social media platforms, drawing attention to our events, our goals, our successes, updates on our lawsuit, news alerts, etc. Sharing information to help grow our membership but most importantly spreading the word and educating the public. If you enjoy spending time on social media and sharing news with others, this is the job for you!

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