Save Our Children! Help Educate the Public. Write Letters to the Editor!

We need engaged citizens to write letters to their newspaper so the public, especially parents, can know what is going on in their school. Jack Collins, a Uniting NYS member and volunteer, wrote a letter and submitted it to three local newspapers and all three published his letter.  Check out his letter in The Chronicle, Warwick Advertiser and The Photo News.

Wow! This one letter brought awareness to three different communities. Think about how many parents are now paying attention because one individual took some time to write one letter! Please help save the children by writing to your local newspaper. Below is a copy of Jack’s letter, use it as a guideline. It is a simple action to do and helps educate your community about what is happening to children in our schools. Start writing your letter today!


Jack Collins’ Letter:

Dear Editor,

Since when does a public school, civil servants, determine what a parent knows about
their child or not? Evidently in NY, now is that time.

“The teacher uses Aliyah (she/her) to address the student in class but uses Alfonzo
(he/him) when talking to other staff, faculty, and her parents.” “Schools will want to work closely with the student and their parents/guardians, if given permission by the student to involve them in the planning, in devising an appropriate plan…” “Some TGE students …may begin their transition at school without parent/guardian knowledge.” “EXAMPLE: A student with the legal name Kevin comes out as a transgender girl and asks teachers to call her Kimi and use she/her pronouns. She is not out to her parents and requests that teachers and administration continue to use her legal name with her parents for the time being. The teachers call her Kimi and use
she/her pronouns at school. When calling home for any reason, teachers use the name Kevin and he/him pronouns. Kimi writes “KD” on her papers to avoid her parents seeing her affirmed name.”

These quotes came directly from the NY State Regents arm of the State Education Department who issued “Creating a Safe, Supportive, and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students: 2023 Legal Update and Best Practices.”

There is a dozen or more examples of how schools are encouraged to lying to parents and these civil servants deceiving parents about issues with the parents’ minor children! Once that child is 18, as an adult, everything changes. They can vote, join the military, drink alcohol in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (as it is in most of the world but not the 50 states), and generally do anything most adults wish. At 21 they can buy cannabis and alcohol. One would think that with laws like that how is it that the child and school can lie to parents?

Concerned? Contact your state Assemblyman/woman and your State Senator. Contact Commissioner of Education Betty A. Rosa, and your local Regents representative, which is listed in the publication. Let them know what you think. I have.

Jack C. Collins
MSG, US Army Retired

When you finish your letter to the editor, contact your legislator about this and send them a copy of your letter. 

Find your Senator Here                Find your Assemblyman Here

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