You thought masking your child was bad, what do you think of this?

***Warning: the contents of this article may be offensive, but we want you to see what is being shown/taught to children.

The government is using public schools to indoctrinate your children and destroy their innocence. The government wants to take away your parental rights and tell your child what to do, think, and say! This is how they are doing it:

Public-school libraries contain many books that teach children things that most adults would not be able to handle. Read the following excerpt from the book Push (also known as “Precious”) written by Sapphire found on page 25:

“I been knowing a man put his dick in you, gush white stuff in your booty you could get pregnant. I’m twelve now, I been knowing about that since I was five or six, I can’t remember not knowing. No, I can’t remember a time I did not know.  Page 32: “Daddy put his pee-pee smelling thing in my mouth, my pussy, but never hold me. I see me, first grade, pink dress dirty sperms stuff on it. No one comb my hair…”

There are many more books like this in your public-school library, containing all varieties of sexual descriptions which are listed below:

        • Graphics showing sex acts (not in a medical/educational way)
        • Extreme profanity
        • Detailed descriptions of masturbation
        • Oral, anal & vaginal sex
        • Forced oral sex
        • Rape & sexual assault
        • Incest
        • Pedophilia
        • Teaching kids how to use sex apps, and what websites to use

Check out Moms 4 Liberty of Erie County’s website HERE to see more book samples and what they discovered in their public-school libraries. They also suggest action steps regarding what you can do to stop this.

Pastor Stephen Mannion, WNY Chapter of the Black Robed Regiment, is leading the fight. He has been speaking out on this issue and attending his town school board meeting. Watch Chautauqua Updates video of Pastor Stephen speaking out at the Southern Tier Tea Party Patriots meeting HERE. (Warning: this video contains offensive language) Also, watch him addressing his school board HERE.

The library isn’t the only room in the public schools that contain inappropriate books. You can also find them in English classrooms. The English teachers in Corning-Painted Post School District decided in honor of Black History Month to focus the entire month only on Kendrick Lamar highlighting his emphasis/celebration of rape, murder, and violence.

Here is a sample of Kendrick Lamar’s poem “Hol’ Up”:

“If I can fuck her in front of these passengers…Yeah Big Shit Poppin…Back in this bitch, in the back of that bitch with my back against the wall, and your bitch on the edge of my dick.” 

When parents brought this to the Corning-Painted Post school board, the board accepted and allowed the Lamar lyrics to continue in the classroom.  Parents who question the content of curriculum as age or developmentally inappropriate in a classroom are dismissed and mislabeled as book banners or racist. Why are these teachers not highlighting great historical black leaders who united and uplifted humanity?  Makes you wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would have said about this if he was alive today.

Porn literature is also part of their high school curriculum. Here is a sample of the required reading from the book, Looking for Alaska by John Green found on page 87:

“Woman crouched on her hands and knees while a guy knelt behind her. She kept saying, “Give it to me” and moaning, and through her eyes, brown, and blank, betrayed her lack of interest, I couldn’t help but take mental notes. Hands on her shoulders, I noted. Fast but not too fast. Or it’s going to be over, fast. Keep your groaning to a minimum.”

Some students asked their teacher why they were reading this book as they thought it was inappropriate. The teacher’s response was, “We want to provide you with something that is relevant and that a 16-year-old can relate to.” Ask yourself this: Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered sexual harassment to adults…but talking about sexuality to children K-12 at school is considered essential? Something is off!

You might say, “Oh, I will not allow my child to read those books!”  Well, you probably don’t know! Do you think your child would tell you? Many parents are too busy not paying attention and many of the kids are afraid to tell their parents. If you are a parent that does pay attention, don’t worry, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) will make sure your child still gets this information and more! Read the new 42-page document on “Creating a Safe, Supportive, and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students: 2023 Legal Update and Best Practices.” that will be enforced by our state government for parents, teachers, administrators, and children to follow. Click Here for information about this from our friends at New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation.

Our education system is no longer a place for academics, it is an evil form of indoctrination that plays on the emotions/mental health of children and removes parental involvement. Not long ago many parents stood up to fight the mask mandate, but once they removed the masks parents must have believed the government is good again. Foolish really! That should have been your first warning to pay attention and always remain diligent when it comes to your child. What is being pushed now on your child is far worse than a piece of cloth on their face. PARENTS, we have not heard a peep from you! NOW is the time to take action! Our kids and their future depend on YOU!

Here is how to TAKE ACTION:

  • Spend time talking to your child, ask them what they are reading. Talk openly about these types of books and how they are not appropriate. Make sure your child knows you love them always and that they should not be ashamed to tell you anything. If they have seen or read these books don’t punish them. Be glad they told you and thank them for telling you. You don’t want to push your child away. Always keep the communication open and loving!
  • If your child brings a book home and you are not familiar with it. Search for the book on this rating system:
  • Research your public-school library and child’s curriculum for inappropriate books HERE.
  • Join a like-minded group such as Moms for Liberty to learn what to do.
  • Speak to your child’s teacher, principal, librarian and attend school board meetings.
  • Get support from your Religious Leaders. If they do not know what to do have them reach out to Pastor Stephen Mannion at the WNY Company of the Black-Robed Regiment      
  • For a “Step-by-Step Plan for Speaking Up” go to Defend Young Minds website: Shocking Sexual Content in School Books??? A Step-by-Step Plan for Speaking Up | Defend Young Minds™️
  • Lastly, share this article with everyone you know!

Do not delay! Get started today protecting the minds of our children and future generations!



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