Legislative Session Damage:

When One Political Party Has Total Control,
They Go Totally Out of Control

The Democrats (who have 100% control in Albany) Are Wiping Criminals’ Records Clean, Weakening Election Integrity, and So Much More!

The New York State Legislature up in Albany just finished their session for the year. It was scheduled to end on Thursday June 8th, but it went into the wee hours of Saturday June 10th.

According to Attorney Cox, “What I witnessed was absolutely despicable. It was the very antithesis of what our founding fathers envisioned when they birthed our nation almost 250 years ago!”

Two of the many horrific bills that were passed:

The Clean Slate law, once signed by the Governor, will allow criminals to have their records essentially WIPED CLEAN, by automatically sealing the criminals’ records.

The New York Early Mail Voter Act: weakens election integrity.

There are too many other horrific bills that the Democrats passed this week to cover them all here. Things like giving free health care to illegals, changing the local election calendar to even years which means local, off-year elections will be overshadowed by statewide, federal and presidential elections, establishing a Democrat-appointed commission to recommend how to go about paying reparations (approximately 200 years after slavery has ended), and so much more. And they call it “progress.”

Make sure you continue reading what happened this past week in Albany to learn what damage the Democrat-controlled Senate and Assembly did to the future of our state
and what you can do to end the toxic one-party rule in
Attorney Cox’s latest Substack 

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