Looking for colleges that DO NOT MANDATE THE COVID-19 SHOT!

You found the right place! Many young adults have put off going to college because of this mandate. There are so many decisions to make when deciding where to go to college as far as what the college has to offer academically (majors/programs), enrollment size, prestige, cost, location, and NOW the Covid-19 shot!

Look no further! A group of concerned students, parents, and professionals called, No College Mandates, are working together to end all Covid-19 vaccine mandates for college. In the meantime, they have created a list of colleges that NEVER MANDATED THE COVID-19 SHOT. They also have a list of colleges that do mandate it and you can search their website by scrolling to the bottom of their home page to find out which do.

Here is the website: No College Mandates – We are working to end college Covid-19 vaccine and booster mandates.  The No College Mandates website is loaded with a wealth of information such as legal resources, letter campaigns, petitions, exemption resources, news, their social media platforms, and other organizations that align with them. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter here: No College Mandates Newsletter | Substack for the latest information.


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