The Government wants to BRING BACK their Quarantine Camp Regulation!

Maria Zeee Interviews Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

Hard to believe? Yes, it is true! 
Governor Kathy Hochul is planning to appeal the quarantine camp lawsuit that
our attorney, Bobbie Anne Cox, won and was struck down as unconstitutional by
NYS Supreme Court Judge Ronald Ploetz.
Recently, Attorney Cox was interviewed by Maria Zeee of Zeee Media.
Have you listened to it yet? 
We highly recommend you do! Listen HERE. This is such a hot issue that over 81,000 people have already watched this interview in a matter of days.
What can you do to help?
 Share this interview with family, friends, and especially your social media pages! It is so important that we share this information. We need to educate people on Governor Hochul’s plan to appeal this lawsuit, so the DOH can put people in quarantine camps if they even just suspect you have a communicable disease.

Attorney Cox is fighting this appeal pro bono. Please consider making a donation. Donate HERE Or you can support her by subscribing to her Substack blog. Click HERE

Make sure you listen to this powerful interview HERE.  Then share like crazy! 

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