Legislative Committee-What we are doing and how you can help.

Our Legislative Action Committee is a group of concerns citizens, like you, taking action to create change for the better in NYS.  We believe these changes will create ripples throughout the entire country to take back our freedoms now and pass them on the future generations. During the American Revolution, strong men and women fought hard for the rights that we enjoy today.  Throughout American history, especially during the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements each generation picked up the reigns to heroically restore God given rights to all men and women.  It is now our turn to stand up and pass the torch of freedom on to our children.

The most important thing to understand about legislation (law making) is that government is created to protect the rights of the people.  We are not granted rights and privileges by government.  We are granted rights by God.  Our Constitution was written to keep government from infringing on human rights.  Since the government right now is doing just that, it is time to remind all legislatures that they are elected by WE THE PEOPLE.  They are paid by WE THE PEOPLE. And they have a duty to WE THE PEOPLE. Their duty is to protect rights and our duty is to ensure that they do.

If we act swiftly, standing up to protect freedom today can be done easily by simply contacting legislators as often as possible.  Communication is key.  We contact as many government officials as possible to let them know we are taking back freedom and ALL of our Constitutional rights. We let freedom ring through the voice of the people! And they are listening.  Fear of being removed from office after much push back from people just like you has already led to legislatures changing their tune.  Assemblyman Burke (D-Buffalo) proposed a law that would deny New Yorkers health insurance coverage if they refused to get the COVID shot.  After non-stop calls and emails from constituents, he withdrew it. Similarly and most recently, Assemblyman Perry (D-Brooklyn) withdrew his proposed law that would create quarantine camps and allow government to forcibly place in the camps anyone they deemed to be a health threat.

There is plenty more proposed legislation that would limit our freedoms, so our work continues and we need all hands on deck.  Proposed laws on the table include ones that would:
  • Force the COVID shot into all children in order to attend school or daycare (Assemblymen Dinowitz, Steck, & Gottfried)
  • Remove religious exemptions for all ages [they already removed it for school age children] (Assemblyman Dinowitz)
  • Allow schools and other agencies to administer shots without parental consent (Assemblymen Krueger, Fahy)
  • Allow reporting and tracking of shots and exemptions to government (Assemblymen Dinowitz, Holyman, Gottfried, Skoufis)
  • Take away First Amendment rights of free speech (Assemblyman Holyman)
Join us today and become a Legislative Committee member (email info@unitingNYS.com) or simply start contacting State Assembly people and Senators.  We have templates and contact info available to help you find your voice and step into your power



Written by Margaret from Yonkers United and Uniting NYS Legislative Committee 

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