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One of our Uniting NYS members wrote a wonderful letter to the Health Committee and gave us permission to share it. It is imperative that we continue to reach out and share our objection to their unjust laws and actions. They need to know there are many of us out there and we are NOT the minority. There is no wrong way to write a letter. You can get your point across with only a few sentences if needed. The important part is speaking up. Please use this letter as inspiration and to feel confident that our mission is worth fighting for!

To those Health Committee members, who are responsible for creating and/or furthering this dystopia, We, the constituents of NYS, are placing you on notice:

We, the constituents of NYS, oppose these proposed Bills

Assembly Bill A8378

Assembly Bill A3192 

Senate Bill  S3041

Assembly Bill 279

Senate Bill S75a

Assembly Bill A416

And we the constituents of NYS, support these proposed Bills:

Assembly Bill A4269

Senate Bill S4376

Assembly Bill A5277

Senate Bill S3659

Assembly Bill A1894Senate Bill S6017

If you have previously voted for or supported legislation such as those horrific bills in the first list above, or if you are planning to vote in favor of those bills, you are supporting a fraudulent, criminal agenda that has cost many their livelihoods, as well as their lives. We would not be in the position we are in without your acquiescence.

Here are just a few details regarding the implementation of the unlawful EUA statues:

– Government actors have violated EUA statues by (a) rigging the numbers with “dying from” C-19 vs. “dying with,” (b) not providing informed consent of the side effects (c) withholding use of existing safe, effective and affordable methods of treatment, which includes Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc.) (d) Fauci and FDA are co-owners of the patents which is a direct financial conflict of interest to servicing the public

– FDA has not authorized or approved the vaccines in use.

– CDC now withdraws use of PCR Test for COVID and finally admits the test can not differentiate between Flu and COVID Viruses.– These vaccines are experimental and Pfizer has requested the FDA to withhold the results for 55 years.

The impact of implementing the EUA actions:

 – The elderly and others are dying alone in hospitals and adult care homes without possibility of visitation by their loved ones for reasons entirely lacking in scientific support or human decency

– People, young and old are despairing for their future, and our youth (the future of our world) are committing suicide at unprecedented rates.

– Mask mandates do not work and force our children to be disassociated from perceiving others’ natural human responses to their actions and the concomitant results. This effectively holds them back from the normal course of social learning and enculturation into our human family and is the direct result in the decrease of their cognitive and social skills.

 – Businesses have closed as a direct result of the draconian restrictions enacted since the beginning of this fraudulent “pandemic”.  For business owners, the love and care poured into lifetimes of honest, hard work in far too many instances, is being completely gutted, thereby losing a legacy that until the Covid era, built our communities’ prosperity and provided good paying jobs.

Since money and votes are clearly drivers for your legislative behavior, know that, should you choose to bring any of those bills we, the constituents of NYS, oppose to the floor for a vote, we will not support your financially coerced decisions on these bills, and we will actively work against your re-election by supporting opposing candidates with fundraising and phone calls in the next election, regardless of where you are located geographically.

We appeal to your humanity, your sensibilities, as our elected officials. We assume you have family for whom the choices you make will have an impact. We exhort you to consider your choices in terms of impact on humanity rather than impact on personal pocket or position. We will go door to door if we have to, to make sure you do not get re-elected. We will also register new voters and mobilize them to vote. Remember this – we are your boss; You work for us!

We are done with this. We won’t have any more of this fake pandemic. Enough is enough. We will not allow this fraud to continue unchecked.

To assist you further, consider the work of Dr. Reiner Fullmich, German American lawyer presenting the largest torte case Nuremberg 2.0, happening now in Europe and the recent NYT bestselling author, Robert F Kennedy Jr, son and namesake of the selfsame American patriot, with the release of his new book: The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharm, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

Also, please review the attached dossier from Dr. David Martin who exposes the explicit criminality of this fraudulent pandemic and Americas Frontline Doctors criminal complaint (6.2021).


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