Thunderstruck in an Unforgettable Day

Well, without a doubt, Sept. 13th will live forever in my mind as one of the most memorable days of my life. I doubt I will ever forget it. To me, it symbolized a moment in history when I saw first hand, no, not just saw first hand, but livedexperienced first hand the power of We the People… the citizens of New York, from all corners of the State, from different walks of life, old to young, from various backgrounds and nationalities… come together for a common purpose—to defend our freedom! It was absolutely surreal. And so powerful.
Yes, I was the proverbial warrior, the David going to meet Goliath, as Brownstone Institute (where I am a Fellow) so aptly put it in their wonderful article entitled, “David v. Goliath in New York” which was released the day before my court appearance. But warriors do not win battles or wars alone. They have many supporters. And I am so grateful for all of mine.
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