Congressman Lee Zeldin Statement on Hochul Admin’s Draconian Quarantine Camp Policy After Oral Arguments Conclude in Appellate Court

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, former four-term U.S. Congressman, 2022 New York Gubernatorial candidate, and Chairman of the Leadership America Needs PAC, Lee Zeldin, spoke out once again in opposition to the Hochul Administration’s quarantine camp policy which was unconstitutionally implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. This regulation was struck down by Judge Ronald Ploetz of the New York State Supreme Court in Cattaraugus County on July 8, 2022. The Hochul Administration then doubled down on its relentless attack on individual freedoms and appealed the ruling. Oral arguments concluded last week.

The quarantine camp policy allows the New York State Department of Health to mandate isolation and quarantine individuals exposed to communicable diseases, even in locations beyond their own homes with no due process. Congressman Zeldin issued the following statement:

“There is nothing more enraging for any New Yorker who values freedom and representative government than Kathy Hochul’s unyielding quest for maximum power and control over the lives of her self-described ‘apostles’. During the pandemic, Hochul routinely abused emergency powers to hand out overpriced no-bid contracts to campaign donors, sold out access to state government, and fired thousands of nurses and others who made the personal decision not to get the COVID shot. The Hochul Administration’s quarantine camp policy is on brand for a governor who assaults freedoms with glee. This regulation is unconstitutional and should be immediately revoked, never to see the light of day again anywhere in America. Thanks to the outstanding leadership of principled New Yorkers like Bobbie Anne Cox, judges in the state’s legal system now have a perfect opportunity to stop Hochul’s quarantine camp policy dead in its tracks.”

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