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Uniting NYS is a collaboration of active groups and individuals fighting to protect our freedoms….health, speech, religion, assembly and more, through legislative, social and legal action. Our mission is to unify and organize our great State’s silent majority and implement strategic actions to take back New York. Be a part of the movement to return the power to WE THE PEOPLE.

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Stop Hochul’s Horrific Regulations

These regulations are illegal and MUST be stopped!
We are going to sue Hochul over the “Isolation & Quarantine Facility” regulation. Our NYS legislators have the power to help us stop this, so let’s get them on board!

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NO To Quarantine Camp Facilities

The Governor and DOH want the power to FORCE YOU or your children into a quarantine camp, at their whim!  They drafted regulations that would allow them to make you quarantine at a location THEY choose, just because THEY deem you (or your kids) to be contagious.  Speak up TODAY before the comment period ends!

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