Masks- An Illegal Overstep and Fighting for Freedom

On January 25, 2022, I walked into my school building MASKLESS for the first time in almost two years.  Yes, I am a freedom fighting teacher–although rare, we do exist.  A couple of other teachers joined me; a few hid in the shadows and secretly thanked me for my courage.  

This past Friday, I had the honor of meeting Chad LaVeglia–the lawyer responsible for defeating Governor Hochul’s mask mandate. UnitingNYS invited him to Westchester to speak with us about the court ruling from January 24, 2022 where Judge Rademaker of the NYS Supreme Court deemed Hochul’s mask mandate unconstitutional.  He is the hero responsible for squashing the unelected governor’s evil plan to rule as dictator of NY.  

I actually canceled dinner plans to hear him speak.  Am I a loser?  Is my life pathetic?  NO!  The room was filled with fellow freedom fighters of all ages and from all walks of life.  High school students, moms, dads, grandparents, firefighters, lawyers, teachers, nurses, first generation Americans, democrats, republicans, independents,… The energy in the room was electrifying!  People were applauding, requesting information, asking for how they can help with the fight, volunteering their time, offering advice and encouragement.  It was a community coming together to restore American values and ideals.

Chad won his case because of the structure of government outlined by the Constitution.  Our forefathers established our country to escape tyranny.  The Declaration of Independence outlines the inalienable rights of every person granted by our sheer humanity.  The Constitution establishes a government that protects these individual rights.  In addition, the Constitution has a built-in system of checks and balances that limits the power of the government by establishing three separate branches.  The Governor is part of the executive branch and is thus responsible for enforcing laws–NOT writing them!  When Governor Hochul decided  to act as a member of the legislative branch, she overstepped her position.  The NYS Supreme Court recognized this overreach and ruled her mask mandate unconstitutional.  Although she is appealing, this ruling has not been overturned.  Chad LaVeglia will continue to expertly argue his case using the law, facts, and rational thought to counter the defense’s argument which relies on fear-mongering and big government corruption.

It is difficult to stand up to tyranny when we feel alone; but, we are NOT alone.  There is an entire army that wants to bring back the America that, for centuries, has stood as a beacon for freedom, attracting immigrants from all over the world.  UnitingNYS is helping with this battle by backing candidates who stand for freedom, lobbying for laws that protect citizens, and keeping the public abreast of information that mainstream media is not reporting.  There are four cases being fought against Hochul’s mask mandate–who knew?  This is why we need each other!  Attend rallies, call your elected officials, email your politicians, vote the tyrants out of office! Speak up!  Get loud!  Stay informed! Get involved!  

Our country is worth the fight.  Our children deserve better!  See you at the next event!

Written by Carley from YonkersUnited2021 and Uniting NYS Legislative Action Committee 

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