Aug 08 2023


8:30 pm

Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told

The Unseen Crisis provides an intimate, uncensored look into the lives of those who live with the debilitating after-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. It examines the issue of COVID-19 vaccine injury claims in a fresh, honest, and comprehensive manner with expert interviews, whistleblowers’ statements, and government health statistics. 

This is a documentary about people, not politics.

The film features some patients who suffered severe reactions to the shots and had their health spiral out of control. When they reached out to the public health system and pharmaceutical companies for help and support, instead of being acknowledged, cared for, and studied; they were ignored, censored, and called “anti-vaxxers” despite having gotten the shot.

The film follows the stories of several patients suffering life-changing injuries: two are wheelchair-bound and need feeding tubes; a devastated single dad lost his son to myocarditis; a brilliant pre-med student now has neurological damage; and a senior airline pilot went into cardiac arrest minutes after landing. These patients are by no means isolated cases. The world is witnessing a growing epidemic of COVID-19 vaccine injuries that can no longer be ignored.


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