STOP the sneaky vote set for Thursday 12/22/22!

In the middle of Hanukkah and just a couple days before Christmas, when New Yorkers are busy celebrating and preparing for the holiday, the “powers that be” in Albany are sneakily holding a special vote this Thursday, December 22, 2022.

The bill, if passed by the Legislators, will:
  1. give themselves an unbelievable raise of $32,000 a year (which is a whopping 30% increase), whereby increasing their salaries from $110,000/year to $142,000/year in one felt swoop, for this part-time job of being a Legislator; and
  2. prohibit the legislators from having another meaningful job (which many now do), whereby forcing them to become “career politicians”…  In other words, by not being allowed to have another job besides being a legislator, they will now have to rely on their part-time legislator job to pay their bills. This will result in them becoming more loyal and beholden to their “party” (and less beholden to the taxpayers), as the threat of their party not supporting them when they run again will become a true threat (since they will have no other job to fall back on if they are not re-elected again).  It will also likely result in continuous pay raises each year, as  the majority will try to justify it since it will be their only job!

Why is this bill bad for New Yorkers?

  • This is a 30% pay increase all at once, at a time when New Yorkers are struggling to pay for gas, food, heat, etc., as we are facing record-high inflation, and many are still recovering financially from the horrific lockdowns and other COVID restrictions imposed on us by Albany.
  • It is quite greedy.  At $142,000/year, when the legislators will only work 60 days in 2023 (see their calendar HERE), that means we are going to pay EACH of them $2,366 each day they are “legislating” in Albany!  Of course that’s just their salary. We also pay for their benefits and their per diems.
  • It takes advantage of the tax payer.  It will cost the taxpayers an ADDITIONAL $6.8 million a year to pay for this. So their salaries in total (not including benefits and per diems) will cost us taxpayers $30,246,000/year if this bill passes.
  • Hochul is requiring the bill to prohibit the Legislators from working another job, which will then make them reliant on the income, whereby creating career politicians, and then they become more ingrained in the “machine” and less likely to listen to “We the People”.
  • This can easily cause the Legislators to become so out of touch with “We the People” which would undoubtedly make them more oblivious to our needs. This salary increase would make New York legislators the highest paid in the nation.  For a job that is very part-time (only 60 days a year).

Read the proposed bill here: Senate Bill S9617   Assembly Bill A10730
Read the NY POST article about it HERE.

More Details…

  • Because the Democrats have a super-majority in BOTH the NY Senate and the NY Assembly, and the Democrats are the ones pushing this bill, it will pass unless we get some Democrat legislators to vote NO.
  • Many Republican lawmakers (including those on our quarantine lawsuit with us), are publicly opposed to this bill.
  • The problem is that, since the Democrats are proposing it and the Democrats have a super majority and the governorship, they don’t need to listen at all to what the Republicans say or want.
  • Watch Assemblyman David DiPietro’s interview on this issue: HERE
  • Hear what Senator George Borrello has to say: HERE

  We need to STOP this bill from passing!!!

Here’s what you can do to stop this bill:
  1. Call your Senator and Assemblyman right now and tell them to VOTE “NO” on this bill.
  2. Email your Senator and Assemblyman right now and tell them to VOTE “NO” on this bill.
  3. Share this email with everyone you know!
Find your Senator Here                Find your Assemblyman Here

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