Stop Hochul’s Horrific Regulations

These regulations are illegal and MUST be stopped! We are going to sue Hochul over the "Isolation & Quarantine Facility" regulation. Our NYS legislators have the power to help us stop this, so let's get them on board!


These Regulations are all Illegal and MUST be stopped!

Hochul is not listening to us.

Our NYS legislators have the power to help us stop it, so let’s get them on board!


  • 2.13 (full cite is 10 NYCRR §2.13) “Isolation & Quarantine Procedures” = they can remove you or your loved ones from your home and force you to go to a “facility” they choose, for however long they choose if they suspect you have a communicable disease.
  • 2.9 (full cite is 10 NYCRR §2.9) “Reporting in Schools” = All schools (including pre-schools) will be required to report all positive C19 tests to the Department of Health daily.  Plus “any other data” the DOH deems appropriate.
  • 2.62 (full cite is 10 NYCRR §2.62) “Testing Requirements” = the Department of Health can force you or your children to routinely test for C19 (including in-school testing).  They can discriminate if they want, and only require testing by those who have not gotten the C19 shot.  They get to determine if your proof of “vaccination” is appropriate or not.  Criminal penalties and civil penalties up to $1,000 per occurrence for places that do not comply with their test-or-vaxx rule.
  •  2.60 (full cite is 10 NYCRR §2.60) “Face Coverings” =  Lets them mandate that everyone wear a mask whenever they deem it is “necessary” to wear them (including children in schools).
  • 1.11 (full cite is 10 NYCRR §1.11) “Right of Entrance and Inspection” = they can come into your home or any other place and “inspect or examine” anyone in there… and you are not allowed to stop them.


1) It is time to sue Hochul, but we need the support of the people and our legislators: 

  •   SHARE this webpage with all your groups and contacts.  Tell everyone we are suing Hochul and the DOH over the “Quarantine Facility” regulation.
  •   Tell them to SIGN-UP for our email list to stay informed and to get involved with our fight for freedom!  Sign up here:
  •   There is strength in numbers.  The bigger we grow, the stronger our lawsuit will be!

2)  Everyone should contact their State Senator and Assembly member.

  • Let them know your thoughts on Hochul’s illegal regulations. 
  • Tell them you are disappointed they have not stopped Hochul thus far, and that you want them to JOIN US in suing her! 
  • Reach out to your  State Senator and Assembly rep, and then email us and let us know what your Senator and Assembly member say about joining our lawsuit:

Look up your Assembly representative HERE

Look up your State Senator HERE

3) If you or someone you know has been injured by the forced quarantines and lockdowns in 2020 or 2021, email us!  Your story may help us win this lawsuit!  Email us at

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