Spread the word about our “Quarantine camp” Lawsuit

It is SO important that we bring  awareness to our “Quarantine camp” lawsuit and the regulation itself. Most people don’t know this regulation exists, and if they knew, should find it very concerning. Our goal at Uniting NYS has always been to unite like-minded people, but we need to spread the word…  There is power in numbers and we need all New Yorkers to hear about this terrible regulation, and to stand with us in this lawsuit.  The more people who know that Uniting NYS is active and fighting back, they will get inspired to stand up and join the movement.  The more people, the more power we have, and if we win this lawsuit, we all win!

TAKE ACTION!  Share our VIDEO and our FLYERS:
  • Print out our “printable flyer” below and put it everywhere… on your local supermarket bulletin board, at your local library news board, hand it out at your School Board meetings, pass it out at the mall… let’s spread the word everywhere we go!
Download our printable flyer HERE
  • Our social media flyer is below.  Post it in your chat groups, on your social media platforms, email it to your friends…  Everyone needs to know about this tyrannical regulation, and that we are fighting back in the courts!
  Download our social media flyer HERE


   Share our 2 minute video… CLICK HERE

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