RED ALERT!!!! PROTECT PARENTAL RIGHTS -Stop Bill A276b and Oppose the Adult Vaccine Database Bill A7154


16 Assembly Democrats Voted to Remove Parental Consent

On Tuesday, May 16th the Democrats on the Health Assembly Committee voted “yes” to Bill A276b, against hundreds of people who opposed this bill. Watch the vote HERE.

Bill A276b allows vaccines and drugs that purport to prevent STD’s to be given to minors without parental knowledge or consent for the first time ever in New York! 
Read more about the bill HERE.
This bill now moves to the full Assembly and to the Senate Health Committee for a vote.

On that very same day, the Senate introduced an identical bill (S762a). For some reason the Democrats feel strongly that parents do not need to know that their child is getting STD vaccines or drugs. Something is dangerously off!

Read more about this horrific bill and why it is so bad in Attorney Cox’s latest Substack HERE.
Take these action steps NOW to stop this bill:
  • Click HERE to send an opposition message to your State Senator and Assemblyman on S762a/A276b
  • Get on the phone TODAY Contact links below)
           Find your Senator Here               

 Find your Assemblyman Here

  • Spread the word! Share this newsletter with friends, family and the media. Post on all your social media pages. MAKE A LOT OF NOISE! THIS IS A HORRIBLE ATTACK ON PARENTAL RIGHTS AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

Passed in the Assembly Health Committee on May 16th.

Again! Against the will of the people who opposed Bill A7154, the Democrats voted “yes” to the bill that creates a statewide vaccine database for adults. This bill opens the door for a mandatory vaccine database that provides essential information for future enforcement actions and vaccine passports. Read more HERE.

Take Action Now Against Bill A7154:

  • Click HERE to send an opposition message to your Assemblyman and Senator. 
  • Follow the same action steps listed above for Bill 276b to fight against Bill A7154. Call your legislators and spread the word!

For more information on how to take action on both of these bad bills click HERE.

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