Oppose Bill A8378 that will require all children K-12 to get the COVID19 shot to attend school

As you likely know, there is a bill in the NYS Assembly, proposed by Jeff Dinowitz, and it would require ALL children to get the COVID19 shot in order to attend school in NYS.  The bill (A8398) is currently with the Health Committee.  If it gets enough votes there, then it will go to the Assembly to be voted on there.

We must stop this bill. 

If they can pass this bill, it will likely open the flood gates, and they will pass many more bills just like it, mandating everyone to get the COVID19 shot to live/work/play in NYS. 

We can defeat this bill.  

But we need everyone to chip in and make some calls, write some emails, and mail some letters today!

Here is what you can do…

I. Download the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails for the Assembly members we need to reach (see documents linked below under section III).  Everything is done for you!  Just open the desired document to access the appropriate list you need.

ll. We also have sample scripts and sample emails/letters you can use:

III. Call, email and write a letter to the following NYS Assembly members and tell them you want them to vote NO to this bill:

  1.  Your personal representative – Find who that is here  https://www.nyassembly.gov/mem/search
  2. Each of the members of the Health Committee – Download NYS Assembly Health Committee Members (PDF)
  3. Contact as many other Assembly members as you can, but especially Carl Heastie (House Speaker), Richard Gottfried (Health Committee Chair), and Crystal Peoples-Stokes (Majority Leader). Download NYS Assembly Members (PDF)
  4. Sign up for our email list so you can stay informed on our progress, and learn of other “Calls to Action” that you can get involved with. Sign up for updates.


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