Let's get the masks off our children. Follow these 5 steps to help stop the mask mandate in New York! We need everyone to voice their concerns and TAKE ACTION!


5-Step plan to UNMASK New York


For months now, we at Uniting NYS have been saying “The mask mandate is ILLEGAL.”  We know that Gov Hochul does NOT have the power to force New Yorkers to wear masks (not us and not our children).  There are a number of attorneys fighting Hochul in various courts throughout the State.  On 1/24/22, one NYS Supreme Court Judge agreed and ruled Hochul’s mandate as unconstitutional.  Sadly, Hochul is fighting that decision, just like she is fighting all of the other mask mandate lawsuits around the State.  Hochul just doesn’t want to give up her tyrannical reign.

But…WE THE PEOPLE can stop her, and end the masking! 


1) Contact Gov Hochul

-Call her at 518-474-8390

-Complete her contact form at https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form

– Here is a sample template of what you can say/write- Sample Letter

2) Contact DOH Commissioner Mary Bassett 

-Call her at (518) 474-2011
-Here is a sample template of what you can say/write- Sample Letter

3) Contact our NYS Legislators 

-Demand that they ask Gov Hochul to lift the mask mandates and withdraw her opposition to all of the mask mandate lawsuits that are being fought in various courts around the State. 
-Here are the email addresses for the Assemblymen and Senators that you can copy and paste into your email- Email Addresses
-Here is a sample template of what you can say/write- Sample Letter

4) Contact your local school Superintendent and your BOE

No matter where you are with your BOE,  now is the time to apply more pressure! It’s time they make masks a choice and support our rights as parents to make informed decisions for our children. Enough is enough!
– Here are some starting points and ideas to touch upon for your letter- BOE Letter

5) Educate yourself

Knowledge is power!
Here’s what you can do:
a) Watch our videos for detailed explanations and legal insights.
    –   Click here to watch our video interview of Attorney Tom Marcelle who is suing Gov. Hochul over her illegal mask mandate in Federal Court in Albany: https://rumble.com/vtsw84-update-nys-mask-mandate-cases-interview-with-attorney-tom-marcelle.html
    –   Click here for our video on the NYS Supreme Court decision that struck down Gov. Hochul’s mask mandate in January:  https://rumble.com/vthmuo-mask-mandate-struck-down-in-ny-updated.html
b) Sign-up for our free weekly e-newsletters to stay up to date on developments and action items at www.UnitingNYS.com
c) Join one of our online chat groups and interact with our community in real-time.  All of our Action Groups have chats.  Check out a group and email us if you’d like to be added to that chat online.  If you have time or an expertise or even just a willingness to be part of the cause and want to volunteer, email us with the subject title ‘Get Involved’… info@unitingnys.com
d) No cause is without cost, so if you can, please donate to help us continue helping everyone win this Operation Unmask!  https://give.cornerstone.cc/unitingnys

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