Help Us Reverse the Despicable, Unconstitutional Law That Albany Sneaked Through During Christmas!

While we were all busy preparing for and celebrating the Holidays last week, the Democrats (who hold a super-majority in Albany) sneakily rammed through a bill that not only gave themselves a 30% pay raise (raising their part-time salaries to a whopping $142,000), but also made it virtually impossible for legislators to have a “regular” job outside their part-time legislator job (whereby making them career politicians)!

Why is this bad for New Yorkers?

  1. First, because we need “citizen legislators” who are not insulated from the decisions they make in the law-making process. If they pass a law that harms small businesses, then they will have to live with that decision as their small business must struggle with the law’s effects, just like your small business must struggle. Now instead, the NYS legislators will be “professional politicians” who are insulated from their law-making decisions, and who know only how to run a successful campaign and raise money for their next election cycle (which will undoubtedly make them more disconnected from their constituents’ lives, wants and needs as they pander to those who finance their campaigns such as special interest groups and their party leaders); and
  2. Second, because now the legislators will become reliant on your tax dollars to fund their livelihoods, they will have no other profession or job to help sustain them/their families, and their one and only focus will be to stay in power, for if they lose their next election, they will have no “regular” job to fall back on. Hence the birth of a political elite who will most certainly be beholden to special interest groups and their party leaders who support and fund their campaigns. That means bad news for We the People.
  3. Click Here to read more details about this bill.

What you can do…

Even though the bill has already passed both Houses, it has not yet been signed by the Governor, so it’s not yet law.

However, even once it becomes law, the lawmakers could always amend it, or reverse it altogether!

Take action:

  1. CALL your NYS representatives, and let them know how you feel about this bill.
  2. EMAIL your NYS representatives, and let them know how you feel about this bill.
  3. SHARE our attorney’s article that she wrote about this HERE
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  5. If you don’t speak up, your voice will never be heard, and change will never come.

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