Exciting News! Assemblyman Tague is Running for the State Chair of the GOP! Let’s Help Him Get Elected this Month!!

Assemblyman Chris Tague, one of the legislators and fellow plaintiff on our Isolation & Quarantine regulation lawsuit against Hochul, is running for the State Chair of the GOP.  We believe he will do an awesome job representing the people and helping We the People have a voice again in the NYS legislature!  Let’s support him and help him get elected.

NOTE:  The people who vote and decide who the Statewide GOP chairman will be are the COUNTY GOP chairs.  Regular citizens do not vote for the head of the GOP in NYS.  The vote will likely take place late January, so let’s get moving now to help him out…

You can help by: 

  • Email and/or call your local COUNTY GOP chairman and ask him/her to vote for Assemblyman Tague.  Click HERE to find your local County GOP chair.
  • We would like to keep track of the email communication. When you email your County GOP chairman, please blind copy (BCC) info@unitingnys.com

                     To learn more about Assemblyman Tague check out his website HERE                                                    and follow him on social media:

Please take a few minutes to read a letter from Assemblyman Tague:

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