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Despite the fact that most County Executives have already publicly stated that they REFUSE to enforce Hochul’s illegal mask-or-vaxx mandate, there are still some County Executives that are following Hochul lock-step.   Time to push back on those lawless politicians who are supporting this illegal mandate!  Is your County Executive enforcing this illegal mandate?  Westchester County Executive, George Latimer is.  So is New York County.  And Rockland.  And Erie…  TELL THEM NO!

Contact your County Executive and see if he/she is enforcing the unconstitutional mask-or-vax mandate.



Westchester County Executive, George Latimer, is enforcing it.

Tell him:

  1. He is completely overstepping his authority
  2. You oppose his illegal declaration of a “state of emergency”
  3. Hochul’s mandate is illegal and should not be followed
  4. Most other County Executives are NOT enforcing Hochul’s unconstitutional mask mandate

Do not support or patronize any business that enforces these terrible government overreach orders.

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